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Audit, Review and Investigation of Books

While we always hope we don’t find deliberate discrepancies, misrepresentations and fraud, unfortunately this can and does happen.

If you feel you have a problem in this area we come out unannounced or by remote access and perform a random search of certain reports, files, bank and credit card information, payments made to vendors and payments received by your office and unaccounted also accounted for, we will search bank information entered by your employees and we will do an in depth search for all of the above with our extensive Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing experience.

Over the years we have seen and taken swift action to process and locate these types of actions. Most Employees, Bookkeepers, Payroll Personnel, Office Managers and Senior Management involved in this behavior believe they have found "THE WAY” to get away with their deception. We are never surprised at the lengths some people will take, but we have been very successful in finding their criminal actions.

Because this activity is a criminal and deliberate act we STRONGLY advocate prosecution of these individuals.

Because this work has no specific time frame because of the nature of this process, we only offer this assistance on an hourly basis.